About Us And Our Philosophy

Philly Art Center is comprised of the Fairmount location, founded in 2004, the Queen Village location, founded in 2011, the Cherry Hill location, founded in 2015 and the Mount Airy location founded in 2021. Each studio serves as a vibrant community hub for creative education with art and music programs for all ages. Specially designed studios and award-winning curriculum taught by outstanding educators mark Philly Art Center as a leader in art education throughout the Philadelphia region.


Our goal is to develop dynamic, creative thinkers while fostering joy for arts and self-expression. Our philosophy is simple: we believe in process over product and that what occurs during the act of art-making is paramount. We balance an approach that invites students to discover and problem solve, while being challenged with age-appropriate curriculum, grounded in educational best practices.


Through classes, workshops, camps, parties and playgroups, Philly Art Center cultivates creative genius in all students! We are passionate about the essential role arts play in learning, life and community and strive to provide relevant, fun, educational and community-building programs that meet the needs of our students and families!