Art at Home: Bubble Printing

Ages 2+

What you’ll need:

  • Dish Soap
  • Straws
  • Color-adding medium: food coloring (careful of stains) or watercolor is best
  • Multiple pieces of paper 
  • Small/medium sized bowl or tupperware container
  • Spoon/other mixing tool 

Create Your Colorful Soap Mix:

  1. Pour water into your bowl: about ½ cup 
  2. Squeeze in dime size amount of dish soap 
  3. Add color medium: about 1 tablespoon (you may need more: your mixture should be dark in color!)
  4. Swirl your mix together so you start to see some bubbles forming!

→ ADD MORE FUN: create more than one bubble mixture using a different color of paint in each bowl! 

Create Bubble Prints:

  1. Place your straw into your bubble mixture bowl and slowly blow OUTward.
  2. Watch bubbles form: let them grow out of your bowl.
  3. Once bubbles are overflowing (but not pouring down the sides of your bowl), place your paper on top.
  4. Bubbles will POP onto your paper and create bubble shaped images on your paper!
  5. Have you mixed multiple bubble colors? Overlap your colors as you go!


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