Art at Home: Build a Buddy -Robots using Recycled Items!

Ages 3+

Artist: Mike Rivamonte, “Roosevelt”
Rivamonte uses antiques and “rare objects” to create many of his amazing sculptures.

Roosevelt,” by Rivamonte

What you’ll need:

  • Recyclables: cans, boxes, jugs, anything you’ve got!
  • Cardboard boxes (small or large)
  • Paper towel tubes
  • Toilet Paper tubes
  • Tape (lots of pieces!!): masking tape is ideal but duct tape and scotch tape can work!
  • Drawing materials

For Creating Your Robotic Bud:

*Just a thought: give those cans and other metal objects a nice soak so they are clean and ready to use as art materials! 

  1. Start with the body: look for larger recyclables that can make the head and torso
  2. Attach them together using tape pieces: make sure these parts feel sturdy as they will be supporting the other parts!
  3. Use paper towel and/or toilet paper rolls to create arms, legs, antennae! 
  4. Bottle caps can be buttons or eyes
  5. Will you draw on details to create your Robot Buddy’s face? 
  6. Can you make it tall enough and sturdy enough to stand? Will your robot be LIFE-SIZED?!
Fun Fact: The name of the robot in the photo is Roosevelt! The artist has also created other robots who have names that are equally as awesome. 

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