Art at Home: Toothpick Geodomes

Ages 4+ (A great team activity that can be fun for all ages!)

What you’ll need:

  • Toothpicks (tons!)
  • Marshmallows or any gumdrop type of candy

Create Your 3D Geodome: 

  1. Which 3D shape will you create? A classic geodome or maybe a cube? A pyramid?
  2. Start by arranging your base shape so that it is flat against your work surface: keep your shape by sticking toothpicks into your marshmallows or gumdrop candies
  3. Once your base is created, continue to stick toothpicks into the candies so they stick right up and out
  4. Add candy pieces as you go to help toothpicks stay together and to keep your structure secure! 
  5. How tall can you make your structure? How many panels will it have?

EXTRA STEPS/Family Prompts:

  • Can you create a mini model of a piece of furniture that you have in your house using this technique?
  • Do a TALL challenge with your family: who can create the tallest 3D structure?
  • Will you create a home for your toy figurines? 
  • Can you place an object on TOP of your structure without it breaking: especially if you chose to make a dome?


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