Funky Wrapped Letters

4+ (young kiddos will need help with cutting)


  • Marker, Pen, or Pencil
  • Cardboard : ANY kind! Could be from a delivery or even an empty food box → Note that thinner cardboard will be easier to cut with scissors. BUT thicker cardboard can work! If you have an exacto knife, grownups can really have fun cutting out letters!  → The size is up to you! Older artists may be able to focus on creating a larger letter while your littler artists may want to scale down! 
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Yarn


  • Thread
  • T-Shirt Strips 
  • Glitter
  • Paint
  • Glue 

Cut Out Your Letter

  1. Choose a letter– any letter! Will it be the first letter in your name? The first letter in your dog or cat’s name? A letter that you think looks cool?
  2. Using a drawing tool, draw this letter nice and big on your cardboard in block or bubble letter style (see photo for reference!) 
  3. Cut out your letter along the lines: perfection not necessary!

Wrap It Up! 

  1. Take your yarn and cut a LONG piece: at least 24”
  2. Tape one end of your yarn to your letter: this will secure it in place so you can wrap your yarn easily
  3. Start wrapping your yarn around your letter: almost as though you’re making a sweater for it! 
  4. Wrap around and around so eventually you can’t even see the cardboard underneath
  5. Run out of yarn? No problem: cut yourself another piece and repeat

HELPFUL HINT: Embroidery thread also works! Got an old t-shirt? Cut it into long, skinny strips and try that too! 

Extra Fun: 

  • Spread glue on top of your yarn or on your cardboard and sprinkle glitter on top
  • Add paint! Paint on your cardboard or right on your yarn!


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