How To Talk To Kids About Their Art

After a class at Philly Art Center, your child has done a whole lot of creating! Now is the time to chat about their art and art-making process. It can often be difficult to figure out how to start or continue a conversation with your child about their art. While some children may need little encouragement to share and explain their artwork, others may need more. Here are some open-ended suggestions to get the conversation going:

Point Our Something You Notice About the Artwork

  • I noticed that…you used a lot of tape on your sculpture, you left the paper white there, you used a lot of blue paint, etc.”

Ask about the Creative Process

  • How did you…mix that color, learn to do this, attach these pieces together, etc.”
  • Can you tell me about your artwork?”
  • “Do you have a favorite part of the project?”
  • “What was the most challenging part of your creation?

Comment on the Act of Creating

  • Wow! That must have taken a lot of practice!
  • “You’ve been working really hard on that sculpture!”
  • “I bet that wasn’t easy!”

Having conversations with our young artists is one of the best parts of my day as an art teacher. What may just be squiggles and shapes on a page to our eyes could in fact be characters in the most elaborate story. All you have to do is ask!


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