Photos: Try This! No-Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag

Go get those old baggy t-shirts that you’ve long since turned into pajamas, and turn them into something you can actually wear outside! This project would also work with a shirt that maybe doesn’t fit well, but has a great pattern or attractive color. This step-by-step project is so easy, even a 4 year old could do it! Got a great big tank top you think would work well? Cut out the first step and start from #3!


unworn T-shirt
scissors (the thicker the T-shirt, the stronger the bag will be)

1) Start by cutting the sleeves off the shirt


2) Cut the neck out of the shirt. Cut lower than the stitching line so that the tote is large enough to get things inside.


3) Begin to cut fringe at the bottom. Decide how long you want to bag to be. The longer you cut the fringe, the shorter your bag will be. Make sure your fringes are about ¾” wide and that you are cutting through the top and bottom layers of the t-shirt as you go.


4) Then start tying your fringes together. As you tie them together the fringes will help close up the bottom of the bag, but there will be holes between each set of tied fringes.


5) To fix this, just lay out your tied fringes as shown in the photo (one fringe going up and out of the knot and one fringe going down and out of the knot), then tie the “top” fringe from one pair to the “bottom” fringe from the pair next to it. This will close up those gaps between the pairs of fringes.


6) It should look something like this when you have closed the gaps.


7) Just keep tying pairs of fringes together, then tying the top fringe from one pair to the bottom fringe of the next pair to close the gaps. Once all your fringes are tied and all your gaps are closed, you’re done!



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