Plastic Wrap Stained “Glass”

Ages 3+ 

Fun Fact: Stained glass may go back as far as 2700 BCE! Human-made colored glass beads were discovered amongst Ancient Egyptian artifacts!

Tom Fruin, a contemporary stained glass artist, brings a modern twist to stained glass. 
Watertower, 2012, photo by Robert Banat


  • 12” x 16” piece of plastic wrap: size can be adjusted to your liking! 
  • Tape: painters or scotch
  • Glue
  • Food Coloring
  • Paint Brush and/or qtips 

Create Your Base

  • Tape your plastic wrap to a flat surface: the tape will ensure your plastic wrap doesn’t wrinkle and move around as you work
  • Make it as flat as you can but some bumps are no big deal! Remember: artmaking doesn’t have to be perfect! 
  • Gather your glue, food coloring, and your painting tools 


  • There are many ways to set up your paints but we suggest using a few small containers!
  • Pour a cherry sized glob of glue into your separate containers
  • Drip a couple drops of your food coloring onto your glue, creating different colors in each container! Stir ‘em up!
  • Paint paint paint right on your plastic wrap! Painting blobs and getting messy can be encouraged, just remember the thicker the glue, the longer the dry time.
  • The fun of this is that it can appeal to all ages: little ones can make marks and lines while your older artists can really think about color mixing, pattern creating, and/or imagery! 

Dry Time:

  • This may take a day or two to dry. If you can set it out in the sun to dry, even better.
  • When dry, hang your stained glass creation up and watch the colors glisten! 

Extra Fun!

Cut up strips of construction paper: tape to the edges of your masterpiece to make a frame


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