Silky Smooth DIY Play Dough


  • 2 cups of corn starch (or flour, but cornstarch is ideal)
  • 1 cup lotion: any kind you and your family love!
  • Big bowl
  • Measuring cups


  • Glitter
  • Food Coloring

Mix It Up 

  • Pour cornstarch into your bowl
  • Pour lotion and mix, mix, mix it up with your hands (you can use a spoon or spatula for any artists that don’t like the feel of the mixture in this state!) 
  • Your mixture may be either too dry or to lotiony: no problem. Have extra cornstarch and lotion on hand to add in as needed
  • You want this to be soft and smushy yet able to hold a shape! 

Extra Fun

  • Sprinkle in some glitter and/or a couple drops of food coloring to really jazz up your dough
  • What will you create with your dough? Can you mix colors together to create new colors?
  • Check out how Teacher Teal created a whole scene with her dough!