Summer Camps for Kids + Tweens

Think back to those last moments of the school year. The classroom falls silent, the second hand climbs, and at long last, the bell rings. The kids, as if spring-loaded, rush out into the summer.

They’re in the yard, on the stoop, in the kitchen. They are looking for something to do. Well? What are you, the parent, going to do?

Summer has got to be fun, but you want those growing brains engaged. You want to keep that potential flowering. That mix of joy and challenge, of smarts and senses, is precisely what art can bring. And it’s precisely what Summer Camp at the Philly Art Center has in store for you and yours.

We are “whole child” centered, meaning that our Summer Camp is built to engage kids from all angles.

We engage their senses, hands, and brains. 

Your kids will meet the smell of paint, the crisp feel of cut paper, the tacky pull of glue, the sight of swirling colors and bold lines. The little ones will develop their motor skills and the bigger kids will push their mastery as they brush, twist, sketch, cut, rip, and piece together. They’ll back up, regard their creations, and come in for more. Their brains will stretch as they build bridges from paper, press their own prints, or follow an accidental glop of color. Here there’s no canned crafts, no paint by numbers or tape-backed googly eyes. Kids at the Art Center make their own little worlds.

We engage the child socially and emotionally.

Through their own creativity, kids grow in confidence and pride. They’ll surprise themselves (and you!) with what they can do, with what they can create when an imagination fully turned on gets into the stuff of art. And as much as they develop this sense of self, group projects will further develop cooperation and communication. The kids make friends.

So, in building our programs for kids, we tailor it to their needs. Attention spans are fed, but not overloaded. Snacks and lunch come at just the right time. And when itchiness arrives, we head out to the playground for a face full of sun, a breath of fresh air, and a race or two.

Meanwhile, through the tactile, sensory, and conceptual exploration, the budding friendships and sense of self, big learning is going on. Each week our camps dig into a theme. Whether it’s the Art of India, Summer Surrealism, or EcoArt Adventures, kids learn about the world here. They learn about it not only through their own creations — the paint, glue, and more — but also through field trips, scavenger hunts, gallery tours, and visits from our city’s artists.

Whether you sign up for a single week or a three month run all the way to September, Summer Camp at the Philly Art Center is more than an art class. It’s an opportunity for kids to challenge themselves, make friends, grow in skills and confidence, enliven their curiosity, learn about their city and world, and, most importantly, have a blast.

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