Surrealist Family Photo Shoot

All ages!

FUN FACT: Surrealism was an artistic (and literary) movement in which artists created art that was both illogical and surprising. Take Magritte’s “Son of Man”, 1964 as an example. The artist painted  a realistic man with a granny smith apple covering his face. What do YOU think it could mean? 


  • Camera: your phone camera will do!
  • Yourself + your family! 
  • Kooky objects you have around your house 

Inspired by Magritte, let’s get SURREAL! Pose with objects around you that perhaps make no sense at all. 

  1. Search around your home for a variety of objects that stand out to you
  2. Work with your family to pose in different ways (you could be sitting, standing, holding a crazy pose!) 
  3. Hold and/or place your chosen objects in ways that seem strange or even make you laugh
  4. Designate one person as your photographer! 
  5. Pose in different ways, switch out different objects
  6. Are you trying to tell a story with your objects or are you happy with your photoshoot making no sense at all?
  7. The Surrealists were great at letting go and allowing the random to happen! 

Take it a step further (Ages 5 +) :

  1. Use your photos as inspiration for your own surrealist drawing or painting
  2. Get out those drawing materials and, using your photos as a reference, draw a scene! 


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