Tin Foil Printing

Ages 2+


  • Sheets of tin foil: about 6”x 6” (size can be adjusted!!)
  • Tape
  • Markers 
  • Damp paper towels or rags
  • Water
  • Paper

Fact: Monoprinting is a type of printmaking where the artist creates a plate that will be printed and create a one of a kind print: no repeats! 


  1. Tape your tinfoil down to secure it. This is your printing plate. 
  2. Using markers, draw right onto your tin foil: the marker may not show up perfectly. That is okay and it’s all part of the process!
  3. Take your damp paper towel and gently wet your piece of paper so that the paper is damp but not dripping wet 

Helpful Hint: have water nearby so you can re-wet your paper towel or rag as needed 

  1. Press your paper onto your tin foil plate and gently rub it down
  2. Lift paper up: voila! You have created a monoprint!!!

To repeat this process and make multiple prints, wipe down your tin foil plate and draw again! 


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