As we reflect on the past week, we share your feelings of heartbreak, anger, sadness, sorrow, and desire to change the injustices that Black communities continue to endure. We must do more to support social change, anti-racism, and the fight against the ongoing struggles of Black people for equality on a local and national level; this work is unfinished and ongoing.

We commit to furthering racial equality. We will uphold the values of welcoming and embracing all members of our community. We pledge to not just offer this as a statement. We believe that art is instrumental in the fight for equality. Our curriculum and student resources focus on art and artists from beyond the traditional European and white American canon, inclusive of Black voices, with sensitivity to appropriation. At the core of our work is our responsibility to represent and amplify these diverse voices, broadening the traditional framework.

There is more work yet to do. Creating and implementing curriculum only goes so far if we are not doing everything we can to create a space that is welcoming to all students and uplifts all voices. We are committed to professional development that ensures ongoing attention to anti-bias training so that our studios are spaces where everyone feels safe, seen, and valued. As we move into our 17th summer we reaffirm our commitment to listen and to grow with perpetual awareness. We are committed to the Black Lives Matter movement and all voices working for racial justice.

With Love & Kindness,
Philly Art Center


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