Fall Classes

With a host of programs for all ages, Philly Art Center, offers a range of classes architect-ed for you to grow and learn through! From playgroups and parent+child classes to drop-off classes for ages 3-12, young learners are challenged with age-appropriate creative experiences in a wildly fun and skill-building environment! For teens and adults, we offer a host of media specific classes in drawing, painting, ceramics, fiber arts, printmaking and mixed-media!

Fall Registration Goes LIVE August 4th!

Classes go on hiatus over the summer and resume September 11th!

ages 2-3

Parent + Child

A robust line-up of thoughtful, arts programs for the littlest creatives! From Creative Playgroup + Storytime to Baby Music, we have you covered for engaging fun for babies and toddlers.

At age 2, kiddos can begin their art adventures with their favorite adult through mixed-media art classes that foster creative exploration!

  • Class Options

    Creative Playgroup + Storytime (0-24 months)

    Baby Music (3-36 months)

    Art Start (2-3 years)

    FUNdamentals (3-4 years)

  • Dress For Mess

    We provide art aprons but be sure to dress your kid for mess!

  • Artwork

    All artwork goes home at the end of each session.

  • Drop-ins

    There are generally no drop-ins as classes are by the session. Creative Playgroup + Storytime for 0-24 months is our drop-in option and pre-registration is required.

ages 3-17

Kids Drop-Off

Our drop-off classes, starting at age 3, are thoughtfully designed so that your artist can continue the learning from the Parent + Child classes. Kids ages 3 to 5 enjoy our two-hour Mini Masters class, specially designed for the preschool set.

For ages 4 through Teen, there are a host of options available, from 4pm classes after school to Saturdays, in a wide range of media. New in 2023-2024, we’ll be launching an exciting set of Teen classes!

  • Class Options

    Mini Masters (ages 3-5)

    4pm Classes (ages 4-12)

    Saturday Classes (ages 3-9)

    Teen Classes (new for Fall 2023!)

  • Arrival + Dismissal

    Please arrive within 10 minutes of the class start time, and pick up your child no later than 5 minutes after the class has ended.

  • Account Info + Authorized Pick-up

    Log into your Art Center account to ensure that your email and phone numbers are updated.

    Also update any medical information and authorized adults for pick-up. If we don’t recognize the adult at pick-up, we will check ID so please be sure to have it handy.

  • New to the Art Center?

    Our teachers are great at welcoming new friends to the studio! If your kiddo needs a little extra support, connect with us ahead of the program so we can make their art experience awesome!

  • Snack

    We provide a Goldfish snack for all Mini Masters classes and 4pm drop-offs. If your child cannot have Goldfish, please email us AND update your account, and pack an alternative snack.

  • Dress For Mess

    We provide art aprons but be sure to dress your kid for mess!

  • Artwork

    All artwork goes home at the end of each session.


Adult Classes

Adult classes fill fast! With an exciting array of evening classes, adults can explore their inner artist in a warm and welcoming community. Plus, we provide all the materials!

New in 2023-2024, you’ll find an array of foundational classes by media, as well as studio classes for folks who have already taken the foundational classes. Start with the basics, then return for further sessions in the Studio program to continue building skills!

  • Class Options

    We offer a wide range of classes in Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media and Ceramics! Classes are designed to be taken in multiple sessions to build skills.

  • Arriving to Class

    Please arrive to class at your course start time. We can welcome you at 6:25pm and not before. Between 6:00 and 6:25pm, our team is transitioning studios from day-time programs to evening programs. Thank you for your help with this as it helps us to be set up and ready for you to have a fantastic class experience!

General Class Policies

  • Required Forms

    Enrollment Forms are required for all new students and need to be returned for your program start date. Returning students should log into their Art Center account and update all contact information and medical information.

    Kids Enrollment Forms

    Adult Enrollment Forms

  • COVID-19

    Vaccination is strongly recommended. Cases must be reported promptly via email.Vaccinated protocol includes 5 days isolation and 5 days masked-to-stay. Unvaccinated cases isolate for 10 days. Our staff are vaccinated and boostered. We continue to notify classes of known exposures and report cases to the Health Department. Students who exhibit any one symptom will be asked to mask, or not attend with two or more symptoms.

  • Be Sure to Pre-register

    Our programs fill up fast and we put extensive planning into each and every program. We must have clarity ahead of program start dates to host fantastic experiences for all! Look for your email receipt to ensure you completed your registration.

  • Cancellations, Changes + Missed Classes

    We are unable to accommodate program refunds or make-ups of any kind. Programming and staffing is set based on enrollment and class groupings are intentionally set to be consistent for the best possible experience. In the same vein we generally aren’t able to accommodate late session starts or prorations.

    For any extenuating circumstances we welcome outreach via the CHANGE FORM.

    For class absences, email us following the absence; we are happy to apply a one-class credit per session to your Art Center account for the missed class. Your instructors will work to help you feel caught up, in your next class!

  • Photos + Video

    Philly Art Center reserves the right to publish photos/videos of enrollees and their guests for promotional purposes.

  • Acts of God, Disease + Weather

    Philly Art Center may need to cancel programs for the safety of our team and community. We reserve the right to reschedule these programs at our discretion; check the website for up to the minute information about weather cancellations. In cases of program cancellations due to any Local, State or Federal guidance or authorities, or by PAC’s discretion for the safety of its staff and students, PAC reserves the right to transition to remote forms of program delivery or schedule make-ups. No refunds can be made; any credits or registration transfers will be made solely at PAC’s discretion.

  • Could a Class be Canceled Due to Low Enrollment?

    It doesn’t happen often, but if a class is low enrolled, we reserve the right to cancel programs and process refunds.

Philly Art Center is a single purpose business that provides art instruction for children and adults through a range of programs including classes, camps and after school. Philly Art Center is not a child day care center. Enrolled participants should demonstrate interest in creative learning.