Safety for our students, teachers and community is of the highest priority. We aim to keep students in program while supporting the health of our community. Philly Art Center has run consistently safe and successful programs, with vigilance to safety protocol, throughout the entire pandemic. Pre-registration is required for all programs and space is limited.

UPDATE – Starting 10/31 all locations will be Mask Optional and all people 6 months and up will need to be vaccinated.

Vaccination Required

*All artists enrolled in PAC programs, ages 6 months and up, must be fully vaccinated to attend.
*We strongly recommend that all people who are eligible, be boostered.
*Proof of vaccination for all enrolled artists’ is required and must be received before program start date.
*A two week grace period will be provided for anyone not vaccinated. Within two weeks of start date, vaccination card with record of first shot must be received. An updated card, showing both shots, must be received within the subsequent 4 weeks. Failure to do so will result in dismissal without refund.
* Should someone be unvaccinated due to the timing of an infection, we can admit to program with a doctors note outing date of infection and date for when vaccination is approved.
*Medical /Religious exemptions can be submitted for consideration at least 2 weeks before program start, we will follow up upon review.
*Detailed information will follow your registration in a Confirmation Email sent before program start date.

Exposure + Positive Case Protocol

Protocol + Return Plan Printable <— All info contained in the link.


  • Masks will be optional starting 10/31.
  • Continue to notify us of positive cases.
  • At anytime, students could be asked to mask should we observe any one symptom. Students attending with any two symptoms may be sent home and asked to test.
  • The entire PAC team is vaccinated and will continue to mask during classes.
  • Hepa filter units operate in every studio/common areas throughout all locations.
  • Per your signed enrollment agreement, you will not attend (or keep your child home) if exhibiting any two upper respiratory symptom or are otherwise feeling sick.
  • We’ll continue with outdoor drop-off and pick-up for all kids drop-off programs to limit any potential exposures, thank you for your understanding!
  • For those who continue to opt in to masking, note that snack time will continue to be a swift 10 minute eating break.
  • Regular sanitizing of studios is practiced.

Required Forms

The following forms AND a copy of your COVID-19 Vaccination Card must be emailed to ASAP and at least THREE days before your program start date (one week prior to summer camps). Forms are kept on file and good for one year.

KIDS Enrollment Forms

ADULT Enrollment Forms

Protocol + Return Plan <– Easy Reference

Protocol for Vaccinated Students

  • Report positive cases to
  • PAC will continue to contact trace and notify students/families of exposures that we are made aware of.
  • Do not attend with any TWO symptoms.
  • Vaccinated exposures do NOT need to quarantine and may attend with no symptoms, Mask-to-Stay for 10 days.
  • Please test at day 5 following the exposure
  • Mask-to-Stay protocol includes KN-95’ing and separation at snack/food times.
  • Positive cases should isolate for 5 days and will Mask-to-Stay for the subsequent 5 days.

Covid-19 Signs + Symptoms

  • Fever / chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Headache
  • Congestion/runny nose
  • Diarrhea
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Nausea/vomiting

Notify Health Officials

  • If PAC becomes aware that an individual tests positive for COVID-19, we will immediately notify the Department of Health, local health officials, staff and families of a confirmed case while maintaining confidentiality with the Americans With Disabilities Act
  • We will follow all guidance outlined at that time and set a return plan with families. Those who have had close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 will stay home, self-monitor symptoms, and follow CDC guidance if symptoms develop.