You’re Invited to our Grand Opening in Cherry Hill!

The grand opening celebration at the Philly Art Center in Cherry Hill, at 1721 Springdale Rd., will be held on Sunday May 31st, beginning at 2pm and running until 5. The official ribbon cutting will be at 3pm.

We’ve gone over the bridge!

On the very last day of May, that’s Sunday the 31st, Philly Art Center scissors will be cutting the ribbon on our new studio in Cherry Hill.

There will be art-making a plenty for all ages! Our award winning teachers will man stations for screen printing, painting, pottery, and much more. To give a further idea of what Philly Art Center students can do, we’ll be sharing some of our very first Cherry Hill students work in a Student Art Show. We’ve even got a baby zone for the very littlest among us to enjoy music and creative play.

It’s facepainting season, of course. Every block party has one, but what kind of face painter lands feature spots on Martha Stewart and Fresh Air with Terry Gross? The greatest face painter of all, that’s who… Peanutbutter!

(By the way, Peanutbutter the face painter will be there)

There will be birdsong in breeze and a rustle in the trees, and, yet better, a genuine Mummers’ string band to pick and strut, rep to the fullest, and move your feet. Finally, our caravan from over the bridge will include food trucks. Bring your appetite. The curb shall be a bistro.

So, why all the fuss? Why drum up Peanutbutter, food trucks, Mummers, and arts galore?

First, there are the facilities. Oh, the facilities.

Step inside our gorgeous new Cherry Hill studios and behold sewing machines, easels, enormous sinks, long stretches of countertop, expansive gallery walls, shelves lined with paint, and all the materials you could wish for. Here our student artists will have the opportunity to sculpt, paint, throw and fire (clay), build and more. They’ll bring to life all manner of creations. Spurred by our innovative, adventurous curriculum and our outstanding teaching artists, the kids at Cherry Hill, from toddlers to tweens, as well as classes for adults, will wonder, explore, experiment, and create to their hearts’ content, all in our ample studio, bathed in the natural light pouring from oversized windows.

Which brings us to what’s outside.

Beyond the studio walls are flowering trees, evergreens, playing fields, and a broad blue sky. The Art Center at Cherry Hill will afford us the chance to incorporate outdoor activities into our art making. We’ll set easels in the fields. We’ll draw in the fresh air. Our paintings will dry in the sun. Not to mention the grand possibilities of outdoor art games. It’ll be great.

You can RSVP to this event here.

Spring classes begin May 4th. Followed by Vacation Camps in June and by-the-week Summer Camps for kids and tweens, all summer long! Come along!


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