Abstract Shadow Designs

Ages 3+

What You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Coloring material of your choice: markers or paint!
  • Crayons (optional) to do watercolor techniques
  • Your best shadow finding eyeballs!

Creating Your Design: Let in The Sunshine!

  • Search around your house, your garden, your sidewalk
  • Look for areas where the sun is shining down and casting the shadows of various objects in interesting ways on the sidewalk or your floor: maybe you see shapes or lines or cool blobs!
  • Take your paper and place it down right on those shadows and TRACE them.
  • When you remove your paper: what do you see?
  • The shadows you’ve traced have created abstract shapes or maybe even some recognizable shapes
  • Let’s add COLOR: choose markers, crayons, paint, WHATEVER YA GOT! Color in your shadow design.

Extra Challenge: can you find shadows that look like letter(s) in your name?


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