Toilet Paper Roll Portraits

In light of everything going on, we were feeling inspired by Junior Fritz Jacquet

Fun Fact: Fritz Jacquet uses toilet paper rolls only to create his expressive portraits!!! He then covers them with shellac, a type of resin, to give them their finish! 

Work by Junior Fritz Jacquet and photography by Matthieu Gauchet


  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Drawing materials that will show well on cardboard: markers, paint, food coloring 
  • Water in medium sized bowl
  • Tin foil pieces
  • Construction paper pieces
  • Scissors 
  • Tape or Glue 
  • Small bowls for paints/food coloring 
  • Brushes (if using wet color materials)

If you have no TP rolls:

  • Stapler
  • Cardstock or construction paper (about 7” x 7” : size can be adjusted!) 

Cardstock/Construction Paper Tube:

  • No TP roll? NO PROBLEM!
  • Take your cardstock or construction paper, roll it up into tube shape, and staple along the seam  

Make it Malleable! 

  • Our cardboard toilet paper rolls (or cardstock rolls if you’ve gone that route!) need to be softened so we can really pinch, poke, and form them to our liking. 
    NOTE: If you’ve made your tube out of construction paper, it will not need to be soaked, just do a QUICK dunk, as the paper is thinner! 
  • Fill up your bowl or container with water and soak your roll for at least one minute! 
  • Your roll should feel soft, a BIT squishy, but not so wet that it is falling apart 

Pinch and Poke

  • Pinch and poke your roll so you can start to see wrinkles, creases, and funky shapes that look like a crooked nose or a stern brow line! 
  • Have fun with this: let the materials surprise you with the outcome! 
  • Can you see a mouth forming? Eye sockets? 

Helpful Hint: Once formed, let your cardboard character dry out for a bit so it will take the glue and tape better. Got a hair dryer? Use that to expedite the drying process! 

Finishing Touches

  • Cut tinfoil (and/or construction paper!)  to add funky hair, glimmering eyeballs, or clothing
  • Glue or tape into place!
  • Add color to your character using watered down food coloring, paint, or markers
  • See Teacher Teal’s photos and videos for step by step imagery! 


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